Preschool Prep – 5 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool

Preschool Prep – 5 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool

If you have a little one heading to preschool, pre-kindergarten, or daycare soon, you might wonder how to improve this experience for yourself and your child. Starting preschool is going to be a significant milestone. And you can do a lot to get ready for this big day.

Starting a preschool is a big deal for children and parents alike. Where parents worry about prepping enough for the child to enjoy preschool, children are more focused on getting the right equipment and managing their emotions.

1. Visit the preschool with the child

Many schools offer orientation classes for parents and children to see what they will be experiencing. While this is highly beneficial to the parents, given that you’ll be aware of the environment up close, kids get to see what they’ll do in school and how everything might feel.

Be sure to talk positively about the visit to the school. This will allow the child to accept and adapt to the change more smoothly.

2. Getting school supplies

Around the age of two, children discover their own will. Now, they want to do things independently and have a mind of their own. They want to participate and be able to play a role in preparing for preschool as well.

Among selecting other school supplies, bookbags have seemed to interest the children the most. While it may not appear as important, simple things like choosing their bookbag make the kids feel independent as well. So, head to our bookbags and let your child find their favorite one from various options.

3. Grooming sessions

Being well-groomed is one of the essential things in prepping for preschool. This is one of those things that will help your child feel their best and prepared from the get-go. Plus, having your child well-groomed before they go to preschool will also make your worries about chipped nails, scratched face, and messy hair disappear.

 Investing in tools like a child-safe electric manicure set and a hairbrush and comb set is an amazing idea to prevent chipped or broken nails and tangled and messy hair.

4. Read books about preschool

Reading about preschool is a fantastic idea to introduce going to preschool while creating a positive vibe about it. Going somewhere alone can be terrifying to kids, especially for those who are always with their parents. Reading can help children understand the feelings they might be going through while also providing ways to deal with them. 

There are many books about going to preschool that you can either order on amazon or get at your public library.

5. Listen to your child’s worries

Every child may have a different experience going to preschool. Therefore, it is crucial to address their verbal and non-verbal worries. No matter how big or small the concern, try to give your 100 percent attention.

While verbal worries can be tackled easily, the problem arises with non-verbal worries as you have to be more focused on your child’s body language and signs. For example, getting scared at night might even disturb them throughout the day. So, acknowledge their worry and turn on the cloud night light for a good night’s sleep and a happy day.


Going to preschool brings loads of emotions for the parent and the child. One of the things that can ease the tension is prepping for preschool a couple of weeks before it starts.

If you want to help your child prep for preschool, too, then get the bookbag bundle that includes a durable, soft, and cute bookbag, digital infrared forehead thermometer, soft and natural beechwood hairbrush and comb set, cloud night light, electric nail manicure set, and a free keychains for a teen sibling. What more can you ask for? 

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